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Fax broadcasting, otherwise known as mass fax or bulk fax is a method of sending thousands or millions of faxes at a click of a button. Our platform can help you reach your customers in one of the most efficient ways.
Yes! You can send personalized Fax newsletters with the recipients name on each fax. Just upload your lists in this format Number;Name one at a line and your .doc with the proper variable in place and our system will replace it automatically with the each recipients name.
More or less yes. But we prefer sending to the countries we are strong at. Send us a message and we will discuss your specific needs
Please signup on the homepage and we will be in touch! You can get going in less than 48 hours
Feel free to use the contact form or shoot us an email at
Well, If you plan to send over 30M illion faxes per month, let us know to keep an eye on your sending. Besides that, bring it on, we can handle it!
You will receive a fax send confirmation on your email address with success and failure. You will also be able to also see your fax statuses in your fax history and download a detailed report.
Some fax attempts do fail. Fax is essentially a call to the number, some times numbers are busy or the lines are of low quality.
So if your fax fails you will not pay for it and any charged amount will be returned to your balance. We only charge for 100% successful sends.
We accept Bank Wire and Paypal at the moment.
Your files are transmitted through a SSL - Secure Socket Protocol. Your credit card details are not stored by us and payments are handled by Braintree which is a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. All employees that work with us are pre-authorized and sign legal documentation before working for us. Lastly we want you to know that we handle your private documents the way we want our private documents to be handled. Secure and confidential.
There is no reference to our service in any parts of the documents you send.
If you continue to receive faxes after registering your fax number, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  • The wrong number was registered.
  • The number was typed in wrong.
  • The registration was carried out too late or close to the next transmission.
  • There could be another number diverted to the fax machine in question.
  • You have forgotten to register the advertiser ID or the id was mistyped.
Please contact us via email if you tried again and you still receive faxes.

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